Is everything the product of vibrations?

Life can only be a perspective gained through the level of consciousness the observer is currently lodged in.  How/why observer in current groove? Is this changeable? How/why? Are all vibrations connected? Do they influence each other? Quantum physics appears to have entered this arena. Every thing reflects duality and each sees a separate piece hence what appears to be the inherent force to fight/destroy the other, of course on many levels, from micro to macro. What changes this to the opposite force of cohesion, support unity? Reflects macro cosmos of expanding/contracting simultaneously.

Adwaita -non duality – for me, shines a light. Wonder if we create the vibes which create appearances which we perceive according to our level of consciousness? For arguments sake, the higher the level of consciousness, the more is seen with clarity/understanding and reason, leading to ‘unity’, opposite leading to destruction need to impose their perception in order to have a reality in tune with their understanding .

Billions in each groove, billions of grooves ultimately playing the symphony of what is called life, in harmony.

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